Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So after a good start of 3 days I already skipped yesterday again :)
Actually I worked the late shift, and then I got overtime offered if I came in on the early shift the next day, so I just couldn't (or didn't want to slot in a bit of time for sketching). To make things worse I'll be gone from Friday to Tuesday visiting my awesome girlfriend in France. But I'll be back afterwards!

Keeping in line with boosting my abilities to make animations, I need to really get better in photoshop. For years I've just been using the standard round brush, but it's quite obvious that texture really speeds things up (and looks a lot better), so I devoted some time at trying to create some brushes to make some background stuff. Really quick, but that's the nature of animation.

The first one I did, I relied too much on my previous way of working and it ended up sucking the most, quite pleased with the other ones however! It can only get better right!

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