Sunday, July 1, 2012

118: Dr Sketchys Dublin

So on Saturday I took the bus straight after work and went into Dublin to join Dr Sketchy's Grease themed drawing session. It sure was a unique experience combining shows, music, Grease themed poses and clothing (the female model looked absolutely stunning on the famous Olivia Newton outfit at the end of Grease).

It was pretty hectic paced with poses starting at 1 minute, to 2 minutes to 5 minutes, 10 minutes and finally 20 minutes. Throughout there are plenty of drinking breaks to fuel yourself with alcohol and improve your sketching abilities (ahem). I really couldn't get any sort of groove going drawing-wise though, I think maybe because I was sitting at the back with poor lighting (good excuse as any :P).

But quality drawings are not the main objective of Dr Sketchy's, fun is the name of the game with lots of competitions where you win a shot of tequila or a delicious of the (female)winners could even draw on the tight buttocks of the male model haha

Anyway, here are the best sketches...certainly need to work on my lifedrawing again to tackle this better next time!

20 min pose

1 minute pose

10 minute pose (but I draw this in 4 since I thought it was a 5 minute :P

2 min pose

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