Tuesday, January 22, 2013

172: Life drawing @ Sol Art

Ongoing struggles to find what I am looking for in my drawings. Although looking back at the quick 1 min poses, they were relatively ok. But I completely missed the long poses, I'm not sure yet how to approach gesture drawing in long poses..my quest continues!! :)

Drawing in "The Duke" while having a tea and chatting :)

1 minute poses

more 1 minute poses

20 minute pose ... I was looking at the head straight on from the back.
So I tried to make that hair move and reveal a slight twist of the neck.
Didn't really work out :P

I made a terrible drawing in 15 minutes,
so I made this more successful drawing in a couple
 of minutes with the time I had left.

And that's it folks! The other drawings were all so terrible I can't even face looking at them at the moment :P Seriously a lot ALOT of work to do!

Same time next week! :)

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