Friday, April 19, 2013

184: Week 2 Sol Art

Alrighty! First of all big thanks to Laura for stopping by and commenting on my blog :) I am still contemplating coming back to facebook, but it's too much of a's funny because I sometimes forget that people do actually check my blog every once in a blue moon. I see it more as a digital back up of my sketchbook should everything go up in flames tomorrow :P

 Anyway, I forced myself into the life drawing session again and had a pretty enjoyable time although I was stuck looking at the back - straight on of the model for most of the time. So I made several renditions of the models' face, trying to figure out the character. I don't think I was very successful, but I was certainly getting closer to the "truth" by the end of it.

1 minute warm ups:


Here is that "portrait" journey:

I was grumpy so sketched one of the artists:

Back to drawing the!

Let's try this again but with some character!

Now apply what we've discovered in a full body drawing (really messed up, but I like the dace)

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