Friday, August 2, 2013

217: Sol Art Life Drawing

I've been focusing so much on gestures that I'm a bit lost when it comes to doing longer poses. I don't want to resort back to a more classical approach of drawing so I'll have to come up with a few techniques I can play around with for longer poses.

First off are the 1 minute poses. For once they actually looked better on paper, the color pencil and tones didn't pick up well on the scanner so I had to turn up the levels which kind of destroyed the subtelties of the pencil...

My other experiments in the remaining 1.5 hours were cringeworthy, so much I don't even want to share them :P Instead I took some of the drawings that had "some quality" and tried to think what I could do to make them interesting in future sessions:

1) This was a charcoal drawing, To make the figure pop more I could bring along some ink or watered down paint to paint a background color once finished.

2) The good ol' brown paper, white and red pencil trick! This drawing was on white paper, but I want to try and fill up some brown paper pages and pop the drawings with white and red pencils as I've seen many artists do it successfully.

At the very end of the session I had the idea to move around the model and fill an A2 sheet of paper with simple drawings with tone. Unfortunately the time ran out so I only did 2 :(

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