Wednesday, February 19, 2014

266: Life Drawing at Sol Art, Dublin

SooooOooo, anybody following this blog for a while will now the recipe for disaster.

 1) Warm Up doodles at the Duke, though since we had a new guest it was more talking than drawing.
1 minute warm up drawings:

I wanted to change things up a bit so I was using cheap markers from the euro shop (like image on the left). Also occasionally used some pencils for shading.

(note: I put a layer of 20% opaque black on top of the drawing below so the silhouette stands out more)

Next up are a series of 5 minute poses using the same medium. So no erasing, every line will stay :D

And here are a couple of semi-stinkers:
I then started using some watercolor for the last 2 poses. I don't know why I thought doing an outline with a marker was going to look good, it totally destroyed the illusion of and learn!
It's hard to tell on the image below, but those cheap markers are water solvable (?),  It didn't show on the scan but I did some tonal work on the skin using only water.

Maybe my favorite drawing of the night..this was the last pose. I knew I'd mess up the drawing if I started to fiddle on the hands and feet so I left it and did a portrait which was so unimaginably bad that I just left it in my sketchbook to die :D

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