Monday, September 15, 2014

Comfortable being uncomfortable

So inspired by a panel I saw on youtube about the importance of life drawing in animation, I am going to switch things up a bit more again in my gesture/figure studies.

I will keep studying and applying anatomy, but I also want to do experiment a bit and fail more often again. Anyway, below is the panel.

So experiment number 1:

30 second gestures from posemaniacs, using a different medium.
In this case I used Toonboom animate Pro.

Experiment number 2:

Draw a figure using basic shapes (triangles, squares, etc..)
Ouch..this is's going against everything I normally do, hence the not so cool results. BUT failure means a potential to learn something new. I'll do more of these once I have a bit more time.

I definitely need to push further (still managed to pull it back a little too much to my usual drawingstyle), and figure out a way to keep appeal using basic geometric shapes.

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