Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dublin Sketchers : Smock Alley Theatre on Wood Quay

Joined the Dublin Sketchers today for some drawing at the Smock Alley Theatre on Wood Quay in Dublin.

At the end of the session I did some really quick drawings (A4) with a Sharpie pen, a promarker and a red pencil...and I really like these drawings...I really feel like filling a sketchbook with stuff like's just one of those things that "clicks". I'm sure most people might think it's ugly or whatever, but I think if something clicks with you, then just go with it! Because if something is fun to do, you'll do lots of it and it'll be very enjoyable....and inevitably you'll become better.

Just before this I did a semi laboured pencil drawing....and actually the most important reason for why this drawing might look interesting is because I explored some thumbnails for composition first (included below that).

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