Friday, September 18, 2015

Drunken Night

These are a couple of drawings from my sketchbook on a drunken sake night quite some time ago.
We initially wanted to go to work on a rainy sunday, but instead we just randomly decided to go to the Qbar for a coffee..but instead of ordering a coffee we started drinking Jameson and so the pubcrawl had begon!

After an afternoon of drinking Jameson, eating some tappas and drinking cocktails we stumbled our way into the Yamamori Noodlebar where we drank a bottle of sake.

On our way back home, we heard some cool Johnny Cash type music roaring from a pub, so we went up for another drink and some live music. I drew the guy performing, and gave him one of my sketches..I kept the crappy one..still, not bad drawings considering I drank, several Jameson, 3 cocktails, some sake and a Guinness. Dedication to the craft! ;)

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