Wednesday, December 12, 2012

162: Life Drawing Sol Art Dublin

Another week, another life drawing session! This session I went into drawing with a different mindset, I really wanted to look for simpler confident strokes in my quick poses and even though at the time I didn't feel like it clicked, when I look back at the drawings I think it did. As always starting off with 1 minute warmups:

Pencil & Charcoal 1 min
Charcoal 1 min

All sketches below are done with a 2B Pencil
1 min

I tried to apply the Reilly technique to save a poor drawing :P
10 mins

The drawing below was an experiment where I built up the form from the centre.
I didn't draw any outlines, didn't do any planning. Just built up volume with shading.

25 mins pencil

Wasted a lot of time on the last drawing so didn't get much work done on it
2B pencil 25 mins

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