Friday, December 21, 2012

164: Life Drawing Dawson Street Dublin

Last drawing session of the year :'( Continuing in the same spirit of last week, it's much less about good figure drawing than it is about experimenting with different media! I packed some acrylics along but in the end worked mostly with pastels, only difference is I brought in colored paper!

 The warm up drawings (10 x 1 minute)

all biro on colored paper

30 minutes sketch with biro and colored with pastels

Greyscale version to see tonal values (Photoshop edit)

20 mins drawing straight with pastel, no underdrawing

Base with acrylics and pastels on top 25 mins

At the end we share sketchbooks, this is the first time I took pictures but I figured it would be nice to share some images of our session in Dublin :)

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