Thursday, January 9, 2014

256: Life Drawing at Sol Art Gallery

Sorry, I was way too lazy to scan these drawings in! these were from the session at Sol Art Gallery on 19/12 with model Fainche.

The 1 minute warm up drawings
(note: I don't alter my drawings but to make them pop more I add an opaque layer to make the silhouette clearer).

First 30 minutes of the pose (angle A):
You can see I tried out 2 different styles to get the pose down.

Angle B:

When I was drawing this I thought it was a going to be a great drawing, I guess I should've looked away for a bit to gain some perspective on how it was actually looking :P

Angle C

Up close and personal with the model! Kind of intimidating to have those eyes stare at I know what it feels like to be a model :D

Wish I had more time on this, if I had an hour I think I really could've made this one work. Right now I feel it's really missing some midtones. But what I love about it is that it reminds me of those capcom posters of Street Fighter (not on purpose).

Before Life Drawing I also went for a coffee at Starbucks and made some sketches:

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