Tuesday, January 28, 2014

263: Sol Art Life Drawing Dublin

Man...I am wrecked today, which why I decided to scan and upload my drawings after life drawing..since I wasn't going to do anything productive anyway. It's been ages since I went to a Tuesday drawing session, I wasn't used to the pace anymore :P

1 minute warm up sketches.... I usually draw on A4 but I went with an A3 pad today. I've got to get back to using charcoal for these..or something a bit looser than pencil anyway.

And the one beneath, easily my favorite drawing from the evening, even though it's just one minute:

5 and 10 minute drawings:

20 minute drawing, I did 2 but the first one was with a light marker and doesn't even show up on the scan :P The one beneath was done with 2 promarkers and a biro..no pencil sketch.
Last 25 min pose. I clearly couldn't decide what to do. I rushed the first one because I wanted to do a study of the chest muscles. And I rushed the study because I spent too long on the first sketch :P In which case you end up with 2 half assed drawings :D

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