Sunday, April 6, 2014

285: I'm a dumbass


So today I finally understood something, when I explain it to you it will seem extremely straight forward...which is why I feel like a dumb ass!

Look at the drawings below...those are gestures by Jones...fantastic aren't they? So simple, so expressive. Many times I would look at these, then go to a life drawing class and try to do something similar...think simply, draw simple shapes..but my drawings always end up looking like dogpoo.

When you actually look at his drawings. you can see that he is using a similar style in all of those drawings. Basically he is applying his style to the gesture. He already has a library of "shortcuts". Shortcuts for drawing a head, shortcuts for expressions, shapes that work for arms, hands, legs etc...

So basically if you have no idea about design or cartooning, and come straight from a purely analytical background, you need to start from scratch. Because you don't know any of these shortcuts. So not only are you trying to draw a gesture, you are also developing your own language (style).

So anyway, I kind of went back to my comfort zone until I figure out what I approach what I want to take to my gesture and figure studies in the future.

1 minute gestures:

2 minute gestures:

A slow face render (not very good if I might say :D)
Un timed pose. I like the upper body but weight and lower part is totally off. I'll definitely be going back to more analytical studies. I really want to improve my drawing style. but I need more knowledge!

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