Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LIFE DRAWING: Sol Art - Charcoal

Continuing my adventures with charcoal! You'll probably notice I spend much less time drawing figures..unfortunately my focus is shifting towards improving my animation skills, so my only hope really is to just stay level by doing weekly life drawing.

OH...One really IMPORTANT TIP! Doing warm ups before starting a life drawing session  is so useful!  Usually the one minute poses are meant to warm up, but for me the 1 minute poses are actually something I really enjoy doing, so just filling 1 or 2 pages with figures from memory really helps to zone in on drawing the figure.

The model today was also doing some warm ups by stretching so a good opportunity to put in some extra drawings!

And now some 1 minutes, didn't scan all of them this time but the ones I liked. Last week I tried using the side of the charcoal stick, but I didn't really like the results, so I opted for drawing with line. I also drew 2 or 3 figures on an A4 sheet, so it felt like I had more time because drawing small is actually easier and more time efficient.

Now some longer poses from 2 minutes and upwards:

I really like the drawing below...I actually started it 3 times, until I felt I captured the attitude in the initial lines..unfortunately ran out of time on the legs but a little charcoal smudge goes a long way!

The pose below is kind of interesting because I abandoned my first drawing for some reason and then rushed through a second (both A3) that actually looks worse :P

And this was the final pose. I also really like this drawing even though proportionally it's probably all kinds of messed up. Great model today!

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