Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LIFE DRAWING: Sol Art : Letraset Markers + Charcoal

I've been trying to use a new tool every session, and today some letraset markers. I think I see potential to use it for tone but for line I'm not a big fan:

1 minute gestures (A4 size)

Longer poses worked better since I had the time to put in some mid-tones, I also had a few drawings where I started to push the proportions of the model a bit. She has pretty thick legs, and overall just very physical.

Also had a pose with a back....I just hate looking at a back with no dynamic lightning. So I tried some armstudies.

I had a bad time using charcoal on long poses, but for the arm studies I used the side of the brush on an A3 sheet, definitely like the markmaking.

Below is a 20 minute pose with charcoal I really dislike, upper torso has some good moments but I think I tried to use the charcoal stick as a pencil which is just not working because of the chunky end. I'd either need to do less detail and maybe come in with a charcoal pencil for detail, or euhmm..just go back to using pencil for slow drawings :P

I really like the 2 charcoal drawings below, first one was really quick followed by a 10 minute pose. Most drawings that end up really bad are drawings where I start to draw the face...that's he reason I'm doing headstudies lately, it's an area I am not confident in.

I might continue a bit with charcoal, but I'll also be going back to pencil drawings and maybe some long poses to study the figure instead of focussing on gesture.


  1. I've never been very much into cartoons. But your life drawing studies here and the cat walking
    project on your other blog I find fascinating.

  2. Thanks so much for dropping a comment Patrick, I saw you have yourself a really nice life drawing blog aswell, always good to find people with the same passion! I'll drop you a comment once I had a good look at your work :)