Monday, January 25, 2010

day 44

Today I just slept all day and then watched Who framed Roger Rabbit...yeah, not really the most productive day ever. Anyway some sketchwork before I get ready to go to work.

I tried to simplify and stylize the figure on the first page:

Then I tried to draw some points of the main bodyparts, and then full in the drawing from emmory, afterwards I went back to it and corrected some of it. I think this way of working will hoepfully develop my knowledge for conseptual work.

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  1. aw dude that sucks, I slept in too actually ha, but I woke up at 8 n got in just about.
    Weird that you watched who framed roger rabbit coz I was thinkin of watching that yesterday, but I watched the theif and the cobbler instead which im about to put up a post about on the cchnd blog so go there for a link, its an amazing movie!