Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 46

Did I say I wasn't going to do figure studies?
Haha, well I went on youtube to find some references of women walking on high heels, for my walk cycle that I'll be doing for animation..and if you are familiar with youtube you start in one place and 2 hours later you're watching dogs eat bananas.

So I ended up on booty shaking videos, yes apparently that's what people do in their spare time, but some cool nice movements of the human (female) body. I thought it would be great to draw as a study for exagerated hip movements in my here goes:

These last ones were faste drawings, so I simplified my shapes a bit for these drawings, and I think they capture movement the best.


  1. that youtube joke made me lol
    you know whats weird....I know the video you were lookin at for the last page, its hot lol big thigh women make me horny :S

  2. haha, yeah man her dance is hypnotizing!