Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 45

I missed yesterday but I was working 8 hours straight on my animation after I came home from college, so it's not like I took the day off.

I think I'll stop my figure studies for a while and do some different work in my daily one hour,
for one just draw some conceptual stuff. It's really from drawing from your mind that you realize what parts you struggle with and what exactly you have learned.

Anyway I started with 90 second drawings from posemaniacs:

Halfway the next page I realised that the proportions were off and I wasn't getting "the pose". So I drew out a simple quick frame to map out the points of the body and then use the rest of the 90secs to draw as much on top as time allowed:

I then did a page of memory drawings where I look at the pose, draw points of the where the main body elements are and then draw the figure from memory (no timelimit):

Realising I wasn't really into it, I just stopped and starting to do some sketches:

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