Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 80

Yeah that's an expression study, try holding that pose Hahaha
It's been a rough day..I was out last night so I felt like a decapitated chicken with diarhea this morning.
So I took it easy today, met with some friends and chilled out.

I started reading the manga Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura. Google it to see some fantastic paintings by him, he's absolutely amazing in anatomy, hands and feet are no sweat for this guy :D
But what good is a artwork without a cool story right? And this is one badass manga,
I am already hooked after one issue (issue 9), it had an interogation scene that reminded me of Inglorious Bastards, need I say more? And there's no shortage of bloodspilling either, exactly my cup of tea.

So..working my way through anatomy. First up revising past lesssons.
So I drew the skull and the skeleton from memory and then looked at reference

Look at that pelvis in the sideview, I had absolutely no idea what it looked like anymore :D

Starting to look at some mass conception by Hogart, I try to draw it from what I imagine it would look like from different angles, I can feel my brain work when I do that.

This is the first tier masses on that structure

And again tried to imagine it from different angles

Then a quick drawing of a head to put it all into practice.

And a conceptual one

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