Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 81

Nothing much to say, continuing working on the head since it ties in with our lifedrawing homework. Now I'm going to finish some texture studies for our visual language class. So boring, but has to be done...


  1. You need to try something... Sketch in photoshop, and flip the canvas horizontally alot, it totally changes your eye for structure.
    Flip the canvas on the self portrait you did and youll see how fucking melted the left side of your face is! HAHA
    But seriously try it, it doesnt take long to get an eye for

  2. Yeah I always notice it when I scan in my sketches, I just really need to make a habbit of constantly "mapping" the image like PJ says. On the PC you're always kind of distanced from your work, but on paper I'm usually not further away then 30 cms. One of the many things to work at. Aiaiaiaiaiai

  3. great studies mate! Keep em coming.

    Thanks for the props. I mostly go sketchin by myself. It gets too obvious if there's too many people doing the same thing.

    But it is very rewarding! It takes a while to get better but if you do it regularly it helps tons. Stephen SIlver talks a lot about this topic in his casts and streams

    If you plan to go lifesketching, join my little coffeeshop-sketchgroup: