Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 82

These are yesterdays sketches, I stopped early because I wasnt feeling too wel, only to feel worse today lol So I'm going to bed early and work 2 hours on my studies tomorrow instead. the subject I watched another Ghibli movie. When people think of Ghinly they immediatly think of Miyazaki, but Isao Takahata director some pretty cool movies. I actually watched the first movie he directed before him and Miyazaki founded Ghibli called "The little Norse Prince", and I really enjoyed it. Granted it really shows it's age and it was primarily directed at a younger audience, but it had heart which every Ghibly has. I think they were suposed to have finshed the film in 1 or 2 years but Isao kept pushing it and it ended taking up 3 years of production, he never was allowed to direct a movie since ... Well, not for that company :D

I watched another unknown title of Ghibly called "whisper of the heart" directed by Yoshifumo Kondo. It's a more realistic film, but as an animator still a pure joy to watch. Because they capture subtle human movement very well, little touches that make the characters very human and easy to relate to. Fair enough the story was almost too sweet, it's more a type of film I'd recommend watching with a love interest :D But when you're lying sick in bed you can't ask for much haha

Anyway I should be back in full form tomorrow! My sketchbook will burn I tells ya!

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