Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dr No Movie Sketches

Sketching from Dr. No (the James Bond flick). God..people in the 60s were so freakin' stylish! Gotta throw in some loomis studies since it would be a nice way to approach drawing a couple of Bond stills.

EDIT: As I said, I went ahead and did some quick studies of Loomis before doing another little session of Dr No drawings. Gotta say,I never get the likeness of the actors. But that's also not really my focus. My focus is drawing heads using the loomis structure thingie, and also getting better at using a pencil again. I've been way to accustomed to drawing digitally (and my wrist hurts because of it). So trying to level the playfield a bit :D

Loomis drawings below:

Back to Dr. No:

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