Friday, June 20, 2014

LIFE DRAWING : Sol Art Gallery Long Poses

Starting out with 10 x 1 minute poses

Followed by 3  x 30 mins one long pose (mostly a lying pose).

ANGLE #1: (picture above right) Man, this angle drive me crazy...made me feel like taking out the ruler because the shapes are so abstract at such an extreme foreshortening.

ANGLE #2: Better angle, but still very abstract and the only part of the head visible was the brows and part of the nose. Did 2 quick-ish attempts and moved on :P
ANGLE #3: This was the pose I decided to settle on. Tried some rendering with HB.

So for the last 30 mins I did a more dynamic drawing (of a lying about contradiction). I have to say I really made up most of the light and guessed what the muscles would look like. It would really be nice to work from a model with a strong lightsource (click image to enlarge).

BONUS : I also did some drawings before I went life drawing at St. Stephens Green and the bus stop.

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