Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Posemaniacs + Long poses

Yesterday I was drawing on paper and honestly had one of the worst drawing sessions since a LONG time. I take comfort in the idea that struggling with your craft means you're on the verge of learning something (since you need to overcome a problem). I went back to digital today with slightly better results, but all the more happy with my decision to exclusively study form & anatomy until next march.

Anyway here are 60 second posemaniac warm ups:

The one below stood out to me as the best, simple lines and some shape design going on in there:
Then on to long poses for the rest of the session. I really struggle with applying detail and keeping some kind of energy in the drawing...I've pulled off nice drawings in the past, but it only happens when mind. soul & body are at peace :P That was not the case today, so instead of moving forward, I went back to the same pose and worked at it again:

Using the same approach I did for that second attempt. I started this pose with a quick loose gesture and then went in with detail.

Same here

And a more detailed version, unfortunately I pushed those angles too hard in the gesture and as a result the legs look very unconvincing.

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