Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dead Zoo studies + people Sketching

I went to the Natural History Museum in Dublin again to study cats. Before I went in I did some gestures with a rotring pen which I've been trying to get used to using. But it makes me feel like I can't draw, so I eventually switched to a HB pencil....these are the drawings I'll post first....scroll down to find the horrible pen drawings.

OK below some pen drawings..

The mouse thingie is a colorpencil:

And below an assortment of sketches I did in coffee places. These are usually people walking by the window. I'm pretty crap at those...still a code I eventually. one day hope to crack. I think people who draw a lot of cartoony stuff will find this a lot more enjoyable, for people who rely on observation it can be quite frustrating.....

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