Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This week I picked up some charcoal sticks, not the same as the willow charcoal I used previously. This seems to stick to the page better, it  leaves a lot of pigment and texture on your page though. I also used a rotring pen for the occasional drawing. This was the last life drawing session of the year :(

1 min poses:

5 mins and longer:

You can see I struggled finding a rhythm with longer poses, so I did several drawings of the same pose trying something different each time:

When I drew this pose again (below), I added some interest by tilting her head away also adding more asymmetry in her body.

I actually drew the pose below as you see it, I wanted to push the perspective depth and used the model more as a reference rather then copying exactly what I saw before me.

Also did a loose charcoal sketch on an A3 page of her head.
Below was another attempt at the pose, I really liked the line quality but proportionally it's all over the shop :D
pencil & rorting pen (below) : using line to describe form is an art in it's own right. Here are two examples on how 'not' to do it.
And lastly a bit of smudge action on a 10 minute pose:

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