Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Figure Sketching - CHARCOAL + PASTEL

There are no more life drawing sessions this year, but with so many great resources available online there is never an excuse to not keep up the habbit.

These are using Croquis Cafe on youtube. I used charcoal again as last week to try and gain a better grasp on the medium, I also branched out on some pastel on brown paper for an extra experiment. All drawings were done on an A4 pad:

1 minute:

2 mins:

I really like the one below where I focussed more on line instead of tone.
2x 5 min poses:
Different model, a couple of 1 mins:

And here some pastel, I wanted to paint in the white and smudge it as I would smudge charcoal on smooth paper, but that just didnlt work so I had to draw in atches of white..definitely going back to this, maybe using a wider range of pastel colors.

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