Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dr Sketchy's Little Red Riding Hood Dublin

So this is my second time to Dr. Sketchy's and I feel I had a pretty good session. This is definitely the place to bring in some color pencils and go to town when there are longer poses.

Started off with some 1 minutes:

Not so much a fan of the ones below
2 minute pose:
The 3 pages below are all a bit messy, if I was being selective with what I post I would've definitely left those out.

10 minute pose below, I'm really happy with how I used the media here. It's not something I usually draw, but I can't say I don't like it.
The last one was a 40 minute pose, I worked 30 minutes on this drawing on an A4 pad. Really loved what I was starting to accomplish with the mixing of 3 colored pencils. Soft orange (bad quality color pencil), saturated orange (color pencil that left a lot of lead on the page) and another brownish watercolor pencil. I really just happened to have those with me, and it kinda worked for the shading on those legs for example.

I just wish I stepped back to see the body proportions were a bit all over the place. but it was fun to draw and that's all that matters!

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