Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life Drawing Sol Art Dublin

So instead of starting with the first drawing and work my way up to the last drawing of the night, I decided to post my favorite drawing first.  So now that I have your interest, let's dig into this nights' life drawing session.

So as always we started off with a couple of 1 minute gestures (grey tone added in Photoshop for clarity):

That one on the left below was actually the first one, you can tell by the messy lines around the arm/front torso.

We then started with the 1 pose broken up into 3 sessions of 30 minutes. The model we had is incredibly fit so she takes on the challenge of a standing pose! Standing poses are just so much nicer than a lying figure. The 3 drawings below were done after I finished my first long pose, just experimenting a bit with line and an inkwash:

Below are the 3 long pose drawings I did ( 25-30 minutes ) on an A3 pad with color pencils:

The effect of the cheap green color pencil with brown on top is quite funky! :)

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