Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Drawing: Sol Art Gallery Long Pose

Below on the left a couple of heads I sketches during lunch at the Foodhall in Dublin. And on the right the first couple of 1 min poses from the warm up before the long pose. Those couple of sketches are pretty important to get the eye/hand coordination going :P

Here a couple of 1 mins I liked for different reasons.

Since I've been sculpting out that mid section a lot in slower studies, I managed to get it down very quickly here in the image below. Proof that doing the same thing over and over eventually becomes second nature.

In the one below I especially like simple curved stroke for the leg coming in on top, also like the curve of the shoulder.
Legs in the next one aren't very successful, but I like the upper body and curve in the lower arm.

So next up is one pose, broken up in 3 sessions of 30 minutes. I changed sides for each of the time slots. For each of the drawings I started with a gestural sketch in cheap crayon pencils and then went in with my new friend, a 0.5 mechanical pencil.

In the one below I really don't like the way the head connects to the body, I also made the mistake of drawing a hair going down from the looks like the edge of the jaw, but it isn't.

Some nice things in the drawing below. Especially like the hair and the hand.

For the last one I really liked the initial pencil sketch, I tried to keep the drawing lively but I still feel that initial sketch was a lot more pleasing to look at it..unfortunately nobody will ever know :D

Would've liked another 15 minutes on this one, but unfortunately time ran out.

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