Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sketchbook Long Studies

Started the day with a couple of 30 second gestures using posemaniacs (done in Photoshop)

I then moved on to my sketchbook for some longer un-timed drawings from Photo Reference. It's actually from a book called Virtual Pose 3 (Got it on sale in Chapters). It's really cool because you can turn the model around to find an angle you like.

As you can see I started shading differently on the legs, which I find much clearer for study purposes.
On a side note I start with a quick 1 minute gesture with blue pencil, before I go in with a mechanical Pencil (0.5).

You can really see the importance of that initial sketch in the drawing below. I really screwed up the gesture but was too lazy to fix it ....building on top of a bad foundation is always a bad idea...but the main idea behind these studies is not gesture, it's really about investigating anatomy..especially interested in that midsection at the moment.

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