Monday, July 14, 2014

Foodhall + Figure Sketches

I have a little sketchbook I take out now whenever we go have lunch in the foodhall, it forces me to draw small. So I don't get caught up into detail and instead just investigate how people sit. eat, etc...

Started off with some 30 seconds, pen on paper. Not caring about a nice drawing but trying to get a  convincing balance of weight and thinking about the pelvis/torso relation. Some turned out ok...but it's kinda hard admittedly!

Then filled a page (A4) with some 1 min poses:

I then opted to draw a dancing sequence, looking at how the shape of the leg changes and what muscles we can see. One thing I really do too often when I draw from imagination is to draw too many lines, and draw all the muscles. I really want to simplify this and just "suggest" muscles by contours and overlapping lines. I used a color pencil to draw the muscles I could see, but none of them really deserved a black line, except for some lines on the knee.

And because I am not a sexist pig, here is a longer male study :)  Funny enough this type of drawing is starting to look like Loomis, even though I did this unintentionally I also ignored the perspetive line I drew around his waist...I was just really interested in how the stomach area is different from the female form.

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