Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Some Loomis Wise words

I actually starting "reading" the text accompanying the drawings I had been copying from Loomis. Gotta say it's well worth your time, plenty of additional insight and lots of encouraging words actually!


I think we keep forgetting how hard it is to learn anything new. You can't put a gold medal sprint athlete on a soccer field and expect him to score goals for your team. He'd have to learn how to handle the ball, get a feeling for where the goal is, etc (I'm hardly an expert :P).

Point is that when you want to learn something new, it's going to take practice and you'll need to cover the basics regardless of how good you might be at drawing. You also need to prepare to fail. This is also the purpose of this blog, to share what I study, where I fail and what I do to get better I guess.

Anyway enough blabber, here are some images from the last 2 days:

Some horrible Loomis heads, re drawing them to try and memorise and also understand his structure and proportions. I might actually try and draw these slower and bigger, because as you can see it goes a bit all over the place. Part of that is when I get sleepy, I also get incredibly lazy with my marks and accuracy. But I'm kinda happy I still fill up at least a page every day.

Below some head structure based on images, trying to understand the perspective and how I could draw Loomis' structure as a base for let's say a longer render.

And today again covering sleepy time with some Loomis head studies:
Followed by 2 slow figures. I don't measure out the body...instead I draw a "gesture" in blue and then draw a more refined version of the figure on top of the blue. As a result proportions are off, but I also think it prevents the study from looking too stiff.

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