Friday, June 29, 2012

117: Life Drawing Dublin Sol Art

Today I went to the life drawing session on 8 Dawson Street in Dublin organised by Keith.

We started of with 10 poses of 1 minute.
I didn't use a pencil because I it's too comfortable, so I prefer to use a pen or a marker. Something that you can't erase and makes a definite mark on the page. Because in 60 seconds you don't have time to second guess. Just throw down what you see and be confident about it, even if it's completely wrong :P

And then we started a long pose.
I didn't actually now that we'd keep the same pose for 1.5 hours so I ended up doing multiple drawings. Every 30 minutes there was a 10 minute break to stretch the legs. I actually quite enjoyed moving around the model every time after a break, and I ended on a close up view (click the image to see it bigger).

Afterwards we went for drinks with the talented bunch. Really nice experience and I recommend anybody going along to these sessions in Dublin, quick poses on Tuesday and long pose on Thursday. The price is €10 which is really good value considering we sketches for about 2 hours.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I went back to ; one thing I can always recommend doing is to do the 30 second drawings they have. Because even if you think you're good, doing those exercises loosens you up. You are forced to think fast so you get more efficient with your line usage and your shapes and lines become loose and fluid. Well, it's only the first time I did them again for a while, so hopefully I'll get better again :)

I started with 60 second poses and then went to 30 second:

I then went on to some chest's so difficult to get that feeling for natural weight.

After those I went back to some more posemaniacs (45 seconds)


So time to get our drawing muscles going again! It's been what...4 months or so since I last did some figure drawing :( NOT GOOD! Consistency is key to success! I'm aiming for at least 3 updates a week from today onwards. These are some sketches I did yesterday: