Saturday, April 19, 2014

FORCE - figure drawing homework #2

These are un-timed poses as part of my homework for this week. Switched between brushes, canvas resolution and paper.

(Also, if you are wondering where Homework #1 went, those were basically just different strokes on a page...not really worth sharing on the blog :D)


Sunday, April 13, 2014

292:Dublin Zoo

Spent most of yesterday at the Zoo sketching animals..and the occasional person too. These are all quick sketches, I don't personally like drawing sleeping animals so did my best to capture some motion and weight:

2 fellow sketchers Katerina & Magnus:

Here 2 little Red Panda's were playing, really hard to capture anything :P

By the time we reached the elephants I was no longer in a sketching mood, it's tiring to fight your glance past millions of scout girls who want to see the elephant poop.

291: Daily Gestures

Gestures! the more I do gestures and look at gesture drawings I like, the more I understand that there is not 1 way to do gestures. I think gestures are great for any type of artist, regardless if you are a fine art painter, animator, comic artist,...

These are more character based, and I rely a lot more on knowledge than observation:

I started off with 15 second stick figures (using posemaniacs)

45 second posemaniacs, drawing a simple character instead of the dry anatomy model on posemaniacs.

Finally ( ). 60 seconds:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

290: Lazy Drawings

I really couldn't care less about line quality in these, there are SO MANY ways to draw...this is the lazy way :D The timer on the poses were set to 5 mins, but most of these were done in 2.

2 poses in 5 minutes, one lazy drawing style and a second attempt adding more character to the pose.

289: Boulder Life Drawing

This session was a bit more "experimental", most of it consisted in blind drawing drawings (where you just look at the model and not at your page). Followed by some drawings starting out with a blind gesture, and then spending the rest of the time to add to that drawing (those were the most successful for me anyway).

Left Hand Blind Drawings (3 mins):

1 min "norma;" gesture. trying to use similar line as the blind drawings:

Lastly some drawings that started with a blind gesture (ink lines/Willow Charcoal) and worked on top with pencil for the remaining time (3 mins total).