Tuesday, January 29, 2013

176: more posemaniacs

So, Today I was a lit faster and trying to do the same things I did last time, I then tried to do 90 sec poses which ended up quite bad. There's a few reasons for that: - I was working with a brush that didn't give me any subtlety - Was a bit nonchalant I'll try to work on these things :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

175: Gouache & Pastels

I wanted to do a traditional drawing, so used gouache to paint the base, went over it with pastel and then did some touchups with pencil.

Friday, January 25, 2013

174: Posemaniacs

So I continue with my newly found line yesterday. I am really liking the energy in the drawings. Most continue to develop this further.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

173: Rythm & Line

Alrighty, Gotta get out of this bad groove! My way of drawing was awful! I thought that drawing fast will lead to gesture but it isn't working out. It would take a hell of skill to be able to jot down solid lines with no need for correction. So I step back and start taking it slower again. As you can see below these are 60 sec, some even 2 min poses and I barely got started on these. But I like 'em, I can always increase my speed but at least I am working with something I like:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

172: Life drawing @ Sol Art

Ongoing struggles to find what I am looking for in my drawings. Although looking back at the quick 1 min poses, they were relatively ok. But I completely missed the long poses, I'm not sure yet how to approach gesture drawing in long poses..my quest continues!! :)

Drawing in "The Duke" while having a tea and chatting :)

1 minute poses

more 1 minute poses

20 minute pose ... I was looking at the head straight on from the back.
So I tried to make that hair move and reveal a slight twist of the neck.
Didn't really work out :P

I made a terrible drawing in 15 minutes,
so I made this more successful drawing in a couple
 of minutes with the time I had left.

And that's it folks! The other drawings were all so terrible I can't even face looking at them at the moment :P Seriously a lot ALOT of work to do!

Same time next week! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

170: Gesture warm ups + Shoulders Study

Shoulder studies from a massive book called Anatomy Drawing School:

Did my gestures with color pencil on paper this time, gotta say though that they don't scan very well. Most of these were 60 seconds, some 30 seconds. Underneath are some 30 second silhouette exercises.

Friday, January 18, 2013

169: Life Drawing Dublin

Ongoing focus on simplicity and attempts at gesture! 1 min poses:

We then had 30 mins and I drew a lot of random stuff during that time:

30 minute face study:

Quick face:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

168: Gesture studies posemaniacs (30 sec)

I had a really bad life drawing session on Tuesday because I thought that without any preparation I could just go in and make amazing gesture drawings. I now realize that figure studies are COMPLETELY different from gesture drawings. I think you can make fantastic gestures with a very limited knowledge of anatomy. So that meant I needed to go back to the drawing board! Gesture studies on the menu!

What better tool to use than posemaniacs.com. I set all poses to 30 seconds, even though sometimes I skipped a pose so I could add some details (that serve story) to a gesture. I definitely got a lot looser after a couple of these, and less occupied with unimportant elements, but instead focus on the general feel of the pose.

 AND...most importantly maybe, the question: "what is this pose?",if you don't know what the pose is about. Then how will you draw it? What is this character thinking, doing? I know it sounds crazy to think of ALL those things in 30 seconds, but when you take more than 30 seconds you will overthink it! At least I was :P

1) This is an exercise from Alex Woo (life drawing teacher at Pixar)m just draw the silhouette..BUT..yes there's a small catch. You need to be able to change the pose so it read better. rotate the model to get the best read or even change the pose to something that enforces the idea you are drawing! And all of this happens IN your head IN 30 seconds :)

I then switched to line..yikes!
You would think a 5 year old did this. It took me two pages
of bad drawings to finally get something going.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

167: What goes up must go down..

Today's session I had different ambitions than usual. I wanted to loosen up and get action and character into my drawings. I pretty much failed at my goal but in failure the most important lessons are learned! I especially struggled with linequality, I want to use simple strokes yet accurate and to the point. What I did today was messy and inaccurate . I did 1 drawing I am happy with haha I did some work with ink as well, even though I didn't get any good drawings out of it I want to explore this medium more, maybe in combination with pencil or even charcoal.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

166: Sol Art Dublin Life Drawing

The first session of the New Year! And I was absolutely wrecked going into the session. Typical right? I slept 4 hours, got a migraine. So with about 2 painkillers and a red bull I went into my life drawing session :P

Still, I truly enjoyed it! I kept things simple with good old fashioned pencil and paper. 10x 1 min poses and then 1 pose for 3x 30 mins. So I moved around the model to get 3 different drawings.

The warm up drawings: