Tuesday, September 30, 2014

LIFE DRAWING: Quick Gestures with Ink on Smooth Print Paper

All 1 minute drawings except for the 2 drawings with a 5 in the top corner )indicating 5 mins). Also did some longer poses but totally butchered those :P

Monday, September 29, 2014

Throne of Blood Studies

Was meant to do some work on a script I have lying around for Red Sonja, but unfortunately mr migraine popped in to say hello, luckily it wasn't a terribly bad one so still did a couple of drawings while watching Throne of Blood this evening.

I love Akira Kurosawa movies, for many reasons...one of those reaosns is the cast of crazy looking characters. Same reason I like Sergio Leone's films. These faces are from the first couple of minutes!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lady Snowblood sketches

I took a little break from figure studies, but I think it's time to get back into action. Starting off with a little sketching while watching films. The movie Lady Snowblood was a big inspiration on Kill Bill and I hadn't seen it before...I actually expected it to be much more of a b-movie than it was. Really enjoyed it.

Also really started to dig pencil lately, it doesn't lend itself as much to gestural drawing but it's great for more controlled accurate studies. One of the things I'd like to study a bit more is how to use tone to control composition and appeal on a page..so probably will do some studies from black and white films.

Also slipped in an old page of studies I never uploaded..can;t remember what this was from though. Coloring pencil for those.

People Sketching

These were done sometime during the last 2 weeks, I just haven't scanned them in until now.
Below then are a series of gestures I did while having coffee at that cafe above EASONS. I was sitting close to the till so it was really nice to observe people queuing.

Coffee at the Churchbar, nobody was in yet so I sketched out a little collection of chairs.

Below are some faces from lunchtime @foodhall...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Comfortable being uncomfortable

So inspired by a panel I saw on youtube about the importance of life drawing in animation, I am going to switch things up a bit more again in my gesture/figure studies.

I will keep studying and applying anatomy, but I also want to do experiment a bit and fail more often again. Anyway, below is the panel.

So experiment number 1:

30 second gestures from posemaniacs, using a different medium.
In this case I used Toonboom animate Pro.

Experiment number 2:

Draw a figure using basic shapes (triangles, squares, etc..)
Ouch..this is hard...it's going against everything I normally do, hence the not so cool results. BUT failure means a potential to learn something new. I'll do more of these once I have a bit more time.

I definitely need to push further (still managed to pull it back a little too much to my usual drawingstyle), and figure out a way to keep appeal using basic geometric shapes.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Leg Studies


Started of with some copies of drawings by Michael D. Mattesi because ultimately it's my goal to draw with as much energy and clarity. All these drawings are from his book "FORCE dynamic Life Drawing for animators".

So here are some un-timed studies of legs using Virtual Pose 3:

The last 3 sheets are 2 mins or less.

Female Pelvis + People Sketching

These are clean ups in Photoshop of some sketches I did in a cafe:

Also saw a woman who carried quite a bit of meat on her hips, I found it quite interesting that her legs were pretty skinny though.  The drawings below were done without reference, just trying to figure out how the anatomy would look on that kind of bodytype.

Below some female pelvis studies.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

LIFE DRAWING: Quick poses Sol Art Gallery Dublin

Alrighty folks, here are my drawings from tonight's life drawing session. Almost all of these except for the last 2 are 1 minute drawings. I was using some willow charcoal this time around, great for the quick ones but I made mess of the longer poses :P

Here's a 5 minute one with Willow Charcoal, I like the head & arms..the rest of the drawing is kinda clunky.

So after a few wasted sheets with charcoal dust, I decided to do a color pencil one for one of the 25 minute poses. Finished early, so probably 20 minutes. I definitely over-rendered on this one, but there's a lot of nice stuff in this one that I like.